Mitcham Historical Society

Proud of our history and committed to our future

Mitcham Historical Society

Proud of our history and committed to our future

Mitcham Historical Society

Proud of our history and committed to our future

The new chapter of the Mitcham historical Society Inc began in October 2007 with the inaugural meeting. The Society will continue working for the Mitcham Historic Conservation Zone and the greater Mitcham area of Adelaide, South Australia.The Society was previously a sub-group of the Mitcham Village Art and Crafts Association Inc.

For more of the history see Background History of the Mitcham Historical Society

Memberships of the Mitcham Historical Society are open to all persons and organisations and the Membership Application Form may be downloaded from the link found to the left.

The Aims and Objectives of the Mitcham Historical Society Inc. are found on the link to the left.

The Mitcham Historical Society Incorporated produces a quarterly newsletter titled “Mitcham Memories” for the latest copy please download from the link to the left.

We encourage readers to submit articles about our Mitcham history, please contact our Chairperson Julie Hogan telephone 0430 472 262. For further contact info click here.


Scotch College

Scotch College Adelaide is situated on over 20 hectares in
Mitcham about 8 kilometres south of Adelaide’s CBD in South Australia.

The College was founded as a memorial to the sons of
Scotland who served in the Great War of 1914-1918. It was incorporated under an
Act of Parliament in 1922. Gratton House, now the Middle School, was built as a
memorial to 57 Old Collegians who gave their lives in World War II…

Visit the gallery section to view more historical locations:

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Our committee has been fully devoted in planning our coming events and looks forward on each and every occasion of fielding a variety of enjoyable and well attended adventures that are available for all our members, including their families and friends.

The Mitcham Historical Society strives to bring awareness through thoughtful education, of the nature and existence of our own local history. This includes both iconic structures still intact and sadly ones that have been destroyed in the name of progress.  We, as a society, advocate putting our organisation in the forefront of preventing needless damage caused by unscrupulous development.

Recent events has seen a majority of our members backing the No Dam for Brownhill Creek issue.  Many people might not be aware but Brownhill Creek is one of the oldest national parks in the world. Governor Grey proclaimed Brownhill Creek as an area for public purposes in 1841. In comparison, Yellowstone National Park in the USA was proclaimed a national park in 1872 and this is the oldest park in America. Brownhill Creek was a popular hunting and camping ground for the Kaurna Aboriginal people and is home to many 300 plus year old river gum trees as well as being the original water source for the Mitcham Township.

It is without doubt these short sighted decisions such as to dam Brownhill creek have been amongst similar types of decision making that had previously caused the loss of many of our stellar heritage structures throughout the Mitcham Council area and many other areas of South Australia.


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